Meat – the story of a balanced diet

One of our most reliable colaborators, Adrien Besseiche (updated photo), who has just obtained his PhD title for which we congratulate him!, is back with an exciting new article regarding the meat consumption and the risk of developing cancer. Also, since, it’s always good to look at the two sides of every story, we will present the health risks of avoiding meat alltogheter by becoming a Vegan. All this and more on  Continue reading one month later

Farmacist.Info has been online for one month !!!

The blog is a project launched by two pharmacists (Elisabeta and Andrei) who have explored many facets of their profession (community and hospital pharmacy, university teaching and european medical research teams).

With we intend to offer you an alternative, a change in the way medical research is presented both to health professionals and anyone else interested in better understanding medical research.

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