Working as a pharmacist abroad: the global community

After the sad news about Brexit, and more lately, about leaders being elected in the US who wish to close borders even more and to raise walls, I want to share with you, my experience of working as a foreigner in France. Continue reading

Post-communist pharmacist

This article is about the professional life of an average community pharmacist in post-communist Romania. It has been published on the blog of a fellow pharmacist, Johnathan Laird. You can check out his work here. And the link to the original article here. To all my fellow colleagues all around the world: be the change you want to project on the world!

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Taking medicines during pregnancy

Medicines taken during pregnancy have the potential to do harm to both the foetus and the mother. They may also display unpredictable efficacy because of altered handling compared with medication taken outside of pregnancy (Table 1). Continue reading

Changes that occur during pregnancy

This is a new series of articles that will explain what changes in a pregnant womans’ body, what is needed to be taken into consideration when prescribing medicines and the complications that could occur. Continue reading