Do you feel young? So does your brain!

A first-of-its-kind study uses brain scans to reveal a link between the subjective feeling of one’s age and the real age of one’s brain.

A must read for those young ‘at brain’.

Our findings suggest that subjective experience of aging is closely related to the process of brain aging and underscores the neurobiological mechanisms of [subjective age] as an important marker of late-life neurocognitive health.

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Sleep well and live healthy

He’s baaaack! Dr. Adrien Besseiche, the author of hit-articles such as: All allergic tomorrow?, Meat – the story of a balanced diet, The sun – our best frenemy and others is explaining to us why sleep is so important and is bringing us usefull tips about how we can increase our sleep time and quality and, with this, greatly improve our mental and physical health.  Continue reading