British government decided it’s time to go on a national diet

The portion sizes of some of Britain’s most popular foods are to be cut, with health officials telling the public it is time “to get on a diet”.

Public Health England is targeting pizzas, ready meals, processed meat and takeaways, in a new obesity drive. Read More

Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression* affects 1 in 10 people

Winter is here, synonymous for some of a serious blow blues. In October, the days get shorter and the sky turns gray regularly, perhaps as well as your mood. The winter blues is not a legend, but especially its severe variant, genuine seasonal depression, which requires support. Read More

Working as a pharmacist abroad: the global community

After the sad news about Brexit, and more lately, about leaders being elected in the US who wish to close borders even more and to raise walls, I want to share with you, my experience of working as a foreigner in France. Read More

Sleep well and live healthy

He’s baaaack! Dr. Adrien Besseiche, the author of hit-articles such as: All allergic tomorrow?, Meat – the story of a balanced diet, The sun – our best frenemy and others is explaining to us why sleep is so important and is bringing us usefull tips about how we can increase our sleep time and quality and, with this, greatly improve our mental and physical health.  Read More

My cells workout at the gym

Since 2016 is ginormous for my PhD thesis, I decided to restart blogging with a post about my research work and PhD thesis. Read More

All allergic tomorrow ?

Adrien is back on! Today he is presenting the issue of allergies, an increasing problem in our society today.

What are the causes behind this increase in the numbers of allergic patients, how can we  prevent/treat them and what to expect from the future? You will find the answers to these questions in our article. Read More

Meat – the story of a balanced diet

One of our most reliable colaborators, Adrien Besseiche (updated photo), who has just obtained his PhD title for which we congratulate him!, is back with an exciting new article regarding the meat consumption and the risk of developing cancer. Also, since, it’s always good to look at the two sides of every story, we will present the health risks of avoiding meat alltogheter by becoming a Vegan. All this and more on  Read More

Approval of a drug

Any drug that reaches the patient is subjected to a rigorous process which evaluates its safety, efficacy, and benefit in treating one or more medical conditions. In today’s article, we will go through the steps that constitute the approval of a new drug from its discovery to its administration in real life situations. Read More

Placebo effect – The power of the Mind

In most cases, in the scientific literature, or in popular culture, a placebo effect is defined as the patients response to an inert substance (a substance without an intrinsic effect). But this definition is a paradox. How can a inert substance, that does not cause any effect, still have an influence on the health status of the patient? Magic or power of the mind? Read More

Ovarian Cancer

¨I’m trying to read through and see what I’m up against and what to expect. My doctor says I’m at 1c (first stage of ovarian cancer). My cancer was found when my cyst was being removed. I haven’t had staging surgery yet because the two doctors I saw have different opinions about keeping my other ovary or not. I’m not sure what to do. I’m just feeling overwhelmed.¨

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Prescribing pharmacists – the future

Prescribing pharmacists – the future

A doctor writes prescriptions! He checks you up, tests you, talks to you, looks at you from the outside as well as from the inside, and, at the end, he treats you! For this, he has to write prescriptions. You, as a patient, take that prescription to a pharmacy and receive the meds you need! The pharmacist, until now, was the best trained professional at reading the doctor’s handwriting. But things are changing, pharmacists are granted more professional responsibilities which are more suitable for their level of medical knowledge.

This article has been written by Johnathan Laird, a pharmacist from Scotland, with whom we already had the pleasure of collaborating. You can find his work here. Today, he is writing about the future in pharmaceutical healthcare: pharmacist that can prescribe independently. Read More

Pregnancy complications

Pregnancy complications

This is the last article from the series relating about important aspects about pregnancy. Complications can occur during pregnancy, but the good piece of news is that a good management of them leads to a happy story. Read More

Post-communist pharmacist

This article is about the professional life of an average community pharmacist in post-communist Romania. It has been published on the blog of a fellow pharmacist, Johnathan Laird. You can check out his work here. And the link to the original article here. To all my fellow colleagues all around the world: be the change you want to project on the world!

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Grit and self-control – the prognostic of success

Grit and self-control – the prognostic of success

Is it hard for you to abstain from taking the last piece of chocolate in the box? Or from ordering another glass of wine? If the answer to questions like these is yes, then do not worry too much, you are like most people on the planet. But is it OK to fall prey to temptation? Read and find out why grit and self-control are the keys to success. Read More

The Sun – our best frenemy

Hello to all our readers from the sunny beaches all around the world! For those of you that wish to spend a nice, relaxing summer vacation, sun-bathing, swimming and drinking mojitos on the beach, we bring you this article about how to stay safe and how to customise your protection according to your skin phenotype.

Our collaborator, Adrien Besseiche that brought you “The first 1000 days of life” is returning to the writting board with an estival article about our best friend-enemy (or frenemy) – The SUN!

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Taking medicines during pregnancy

Medicines taken during pregnancy have the potential to do harm to both the foetus and the mother. They may also display unpredictable efficacy because of altered handling compared with medication taken outside of pregnancy (Table 1). Read More

Osteoarthritis – the difficulty of moving

Today’s article is about one of the most debilitating diseases of the joints, with a global prevalence of over 10% in patients over 60 years old and is the leading cause of total hip and knee replacement. (1)

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease, especially in women, characterized by the destruction of cartilage, which extends to all structures of the joint, including synovial tissue and bone. Read More

July 2015

July was a busy month for us here at Check out how busy below:
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Changes that occur during pregnancy

This is a new series of articles that will explain what changes in a pregnant womans’ body, what is needed to be taken into consideration when prescribing medicines and the complications that could occur. Read More

The Day Your Mentor Tells You…

While working on my first research project, one quote spoke directly to my heart:

“Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” Albert Szent-Gyoryi

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