Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression* affects 1 in 10 people

Winter is here, synonymous for some of a serious blow blues. In October, the days get shorter and the sky turns gray regularly, perhaps as well as your mood. The winter blues is not a legend, but especially its severe variant, genuine seasonal depression, which requires support. Read More

Sleep well and live healthy

He’s baaaack! Dr. Adrien Besseiche, the author of hit-articles such as: All allergic tomorrow?, Meat – the story of a balanced diet, The sun – our best frenemy and others is explaining to us why sleep is so important and is bringing us usefull tips about how we can increase our sleep time and quality and, with this, greatly improve our mental and physical health.  Read More

All allergic tomorrow ?

Adrien is back on! Today he is presenting the issue of allergies, an increasing problem in our society today.

What are the causes behind this increase in the numbers of allergic patients, how can we  prevent/treat them and what to expect from the future? You will find the answers to these questions in our article. Read More

Meat – the story of a balanced diet

One of our most reliable colaborators, Adrien Besseiche (updated photo), who has just obtained his PhD title for which we congratulate him!, is back with an exciting new article regarding the meat consumption and the risk of developing cancer. Also, since, it’s always good to look at the two sides of every story, we will present the health risks of avoiding meat alltogheter by becoming a Vegan. All this and more on  Read More

History of science, Vol II – from Antiquity to Christ

A while ago we started on a quest to bring you the most interesting facts and discoveries in the field of science from Antiquity to modern times. Our first article of the History of Science Series presented the most important scientific break-throughs in Antiquity. The author of this series, Dr. Adrien Besseiche, is one of the most active collaborators on and we are excited to have him return with a fascinating new story about science.

Read More

History of Science, Vol I – Antiquity

Since we started this blog we have brought you useful advice on how to live a smarter & healthier life, discussed opinions regarding the future of pharmacists and brought you the latest news regarding medical research.

One of our objectives is to bring you the latest medical research presented in a comprehensible manner. To better understand what medical research is, we are starting a new series regarding the History of Science, where you can see the long road that mankind has traveled in our search for greater scientific knowledge. The author of this series, Dr Adrien, will be presenting the History of Science in Antiquity (the period between 10000 and 1500 B.C.) in this first piece from the series. Let’s take a look at the beginning. Read More