Ovarian Cancer

¨I’m trying to read through and see what I’m up against and what to expect. My doctor says I’m at 1c (first stage of ovarian cancer). My cancer was found when my cyst was being removed. I haven’t had staging surgery yet because the two doctors I saw have different opinions about keeping my other ovary or not. I’m not sure what to do. I’m just feeling overwhelmed.¨

¨Please pray for my mom. She has Stage III Ovarian Cancer and she started chemotherapy on Monday. She has to go through it every week for a minimum of 5 months. She is weak, aching, anxious, and in so much agony. It is so painful to see my mother like this. We need your prayers, please. With hope, strength and courage we can get through this. Love is all that matters right now.¨

¨My friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer last March. Last night, she lost the fight. So all I can ask now are your prayers for her soul. Her eternal peace. She fought a good fight. She may not have been lucky enough to survive it because it was detected too late but I know she gave it her best. Please pray for my bestfriend’s beautiful soul. Thank you.¨

¨I would like to share a wonderful moment with my teal sisters. I’m currently getting chemo with 2 cycles left. This is due to a recurrence in May from a ovarian cancer stage 3 diagnosis in 2012. When the recurrence came I was shocked to say the least because I felt good and CA125 is not a good indicator on me. But a brilliant surgeon was able to remove 21 tumors along with half my colon and a quarter of intestines. Today I received results from my Ct scan and internal and my doctor said I was “unremarkable”. I was never so happy to hear that in my life. Never realized how good it would feel, never thought possible. The doctor told the nurse “this is how it all should work”. I cried with tears of joy. I know this is a nasty disease ready to stab me in the back, but for today I am cancer free. I feel blessed and I’m going to milk this moment feeling mindful and gratefull and thanking God for this very moment. Moments like this we should share to give hope. Miracles happen.¨

These are just some declarations given by women touched by ovarian cancer or their friends and family.

Why should I care about ovarian cancer?

Ovarian cancer has an incidence of only 3.6% in the general population, yet it provoques more deaths than any other cancer of the reproductive system and it is the 5th most killing cancer in women.

Ovarian cancer has a low 5-year survival rate – only 45% of women survive up to 5 years after diagnosis (compared to breast cancer which has a survival rate of 89.2%).

Ovarian cancer is also called the “silent killer” because it is often diagnosed in late stages of the disease: 75% of women are diagnosted in stage III and IV. Simptoms are vague – such as a persistant pain in lower back, loss of apetite, difficulties eating, weight loss, digestive or urinary problems. In stages III and IV the 5-years survival rates are terrible: only 21% for stage III and 5% for stage IV!

Early diagosis is key and this is something we can help with! The earlier women recognize the symptoms, even atypical ones, such as abnormal changes in their bodies, the higher their survival chance is. In stage I, the 5-year survival rate is 92%!!!

What can you do right now?

Share the image below to all the women you know so that they have first-hand access to information (click on the facebook, twitter or pinterest icon!).

It only takes 1 second to share, but the gift you give by raising awareness can mean years in another womans’ life!

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