Financial “depression”

Money is important!

From many points of view. If we look at what is happening in Greece, a steady and good financial situation does wonders for the mental health!

The financial situation in Greece is bad for mental health

If we compare the rates of depression in the general population at the beginning of the financial crisis in Greece (2011) and the rates from 2015, they have increased by 25-30%. It is a huge increase, given the fact that there is only one factor involved in this growth: money (or lack thereof).

Greek psychiatrists reported an increase of 25-30% of patients requiring specialised care because of the financial problems that the country is facing in the last 4 years.

“Before, people had to wait 2 weeks for a medical check-up, now they have to wait 2-3 months before being seen by a specialist,” says Dr. Dimitris Ploumidis, head of a phichyatric department in eastern Athens.

Before the financial crisis, Greece was the last country in Europe when it came to suicides (2.8 suicides / 100.000 inhabitants). Now, the suicide rate increased by 35% and, if a quick resolution is not taken, it is expected to increase even more.



A Greek pensioner with his identity card and checkbook succumbs to the pressure after going to the 4th bank and beeing refused to withdraw 120 Euro. Copyright

Things are not better in the rest of Europe

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2011 show that, because of the global financial crisis, there has been an increase in suicide rates all around Europe. Before the crisis (2009), the suicide rate in Europe was declining, the crisis having significantly increased the rates (for ex. in the UK the suicide rate rose by 10% in two years, reaching 6.5 suicides / 100.000 inhabitants).

Financial problem produce victims

Without a quick resolution of the situation, a massive increase in depression and suicide rates worldwide is expected. The financial problems have to be resolved and these risks have to be removed in order for the situation to return to normal. It is absolutely necessary to find solutions! Family support and professional help in extreme situations are always recommended!

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