The Ugly Duckling

We really like the story of the ugly duckling. We particularly like its transformation from a black duckling that none loved to a gracious swan.

Some of the articles posted this month were less accessed than others. We don’t think they’re ugly ducklings, they just received less attention.

Here are some of them:

1. Healthy tan for a healthy summer – we included recent studies on the incidence of melanoma (the most aggresive skin cancer) and some simple strategies to protect yourself (regarding safe sun exposure, including an innovative monitoring device)

2. Still sitting? – we are talking about recent studies that teach us how much physical activity is needed for a healthy life. Plus, we recommend Google Fit, an app we enjoy using 🙂

3. Life, a fight – some personal thoughts (also about the PhD thesis)

We believe these articles deserve a second chance. How about you?

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