one month later

Farmacist.Info has been online for one month !!!

The blog is a project launched by two pharmacists (Elisabeta and Andrei) who have explored many facets of their profession (community and hospital pharmacy, university teaching and european medical research teams).

With we intend to offer you an alternative, a change in the way medical research is presented both to health professionals and anyone else interested in better understanding medical research.

The internet is an incredible source of information. It is a powerful tool for people that wish to be connected and to make their voices heard. Its side-effect is that it creates a lot of “background noise”. In the medical information field there is so much information circulating that has no scientific proof! Here, at, we want to treat the Internet of the false information epidemic.

Our mission is to bring quality information, health advice that is backed by reliable scientific evidence, all for a smart and healthy life.

We believe that science and access to quality medical information is an universal right and that each of us needs proper medical advice.

As pharmacists, it is our responsibility to protect, preserve and help propagate the best health information. This way, we will make informed decisions, we will strengthen relationships between health professionals and patients and we will produce a benefit for society.

Therefore, is free and available to all.

We are happy to say that the first month of existence was a month of celabration.

We enjoyed unexpected success! We had 5,000 visits on the blog, our Facebook page has over 1,500 friends, our newsletter is growing (more than 130 subscribers) and we are making our presence felt on twitter, pinterest and instagram.

The first months have brought our first two contributors: Ana Parvulescu and Delia Gologan, two pharmacists who contributed to blog section named PRO (specifically addressed to professionals).

Further, we wish to bring competent new information in the following categories:

In addition, in July we will launch a new section on our scientific adventure – “Stories in the life of a phD Student” – where we will tell you our stories about what it means to be a phD student in medical research.

The most read articles in this last month were:

  1. Diets that work
  2. Diet myths
  3. News from the world of cholesterol (written by farm. Ana Parvulescu)
  4. Baking soda in fungal infections
  5. Smoke vs e-smoke (written by farm. Delia Gologan)
  6. Diabetes
  7. Alcohol and cancer
  8. Will you be alive in 5 years?
  9. Linoleic acid in diets
  10. Gestational diabetes (written by farm. Ana Parvulescu)

And to better highlight the first month of,  we present to you this infographic:

infografic favoritele lunii

Thank you for the warm welcome !

Come closer for a healthy and intelligent life! We are here to offer inspiration and quality advice. Forward our blog to the people you care about! 

The pharmacists

Dear, dear International Reader,

Our post will ALWAYS be available in English too. For quicker access, select the English Category on the right of the menu.

Stay updated!

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