Sanatatea (Health)

Ce inseamna sa fii sanatos? Care sunt criteriile care ne arata daca stam bine cu starea de sanatate, ce indici trebuie urmariti pentru a ne mentine in forma?

Cand eram mic bunica mea imi spunea ca trebuie sa avem grija la ce mancam, trebuie sa nu ne ingrasam, sa fim sanatosi. Pana aici toate bune si frumoase. Ne spunea ca inclusiv apa se infiltreaza in tesuturi, in celule chiar, le mareste si le ingreuneaza si ajungi sa te ingrasi. Cand esti mic te gandesti „uff si apa asta, si ea ingrasa?”. Acum, dupa vreo cativa ani si ceva pregatire in domeniu, am ajuns sa ma gandesc  de unde a ajuns totusi la aceasta concluzie bunica mea? Ce filtru si ce proces de gandire a fost utilizat? Am realizat apoi ca, bunica avea edeme la picioare. Probabil ca era pe tratament cu diuretice, cum se prescrie la batrani in aceste cazuri. Edemele au aparut desigur, in timp, pe fondul unei diete si unui stil de viata dificile. Si la un moment dat bunica mea a fost la un doctor care incerca sa ii explice pe „limba ei” problema pe care o avea. Dupa disctia avuta a ajuns bunica mea la o concluzie simpla si generala. Apa se duce in tesuturi si celule si imi umfla picioarele, inseamna ca umfla toate tesuturile si toate celulele din corpul si ma face mai grasa. Ce-i drept bunica a fost din totdeauna mai „plinuta”. O concluzie simpla si eleganta. Avand in vedere nevoia umana de a intelege si explica cat mai logic totul, este o concluzie atat de clara si de adevarata pentru bunica mea, incat era foarte multumita de propria deducere. Si a transmis-o mai departe noua.

Eu vreau sa ii multumesc bunicii mele! Pentru faptul ca m-a pus pe ganduri in legatura cu o idee la care de multe ori nu ne gandim: ce inseamna sa fii sanatos? Ce inseamna sa vrei sa fii in forma, sa te simti bine? Fiecare este sanatos in functie de ce e mai bun pentru el, conteaza de la cine alege sa ia sfaturile de sanatate, consiliul si atentionarile medicale. Poate ca a avut grija la consumul de apa bunica mea, dar cu siguranta ca a avut grija si sa isi ia medicamentele si sa asculte sfaturile medicului si cel al farmacistului personal (subsemnatul) si cu aceasta ocazie a ajuns sa isi sarbatoreasca cea de-a 80-a aniversare alaturi de noi intr-o stare de sanatate de invidiat! A fi sanatos inseamna a vrea sa fii sanatos si a sti sa diferentiezi intre sfaturi de sanatate bazate pe criterii stiintifice acordate de profesionistii din domeniu si sfaturile vecinului/colegului de la munca/prietenului/iubitei care pot fi bune pentru starea lor de sanatate, nu neaparat si pentru cazul tau. Sanatatea trebuie personalizata!

What does it mean to be healthy? What are the criteria we have to follow to have a good health status. Which protocols must we follow in order to keep in shape?

When I was little my grandmother told me that we must be careful what we eat, to not gain weight, to be healthy. He told us that even water is absorbed into the tissues, cells increase because of this and it is one of the reasons why we gain weight. When you’re young you think “uff , even water gets me fat?”. Now, after a few years and some training in the medical field, I started to think how did my grandmother reach this conclusion? What filter and what was the thought process she used? I realized then that my grandmother had peripheral oedema (acumulation of water in the legs or swollen legs). Perhaps she was on diuretic therapy, as prescribed in these these cases. The oedema appeared most likely because of an unhealthy lifestyle, diet and maybe even on a bad genetic background. And, at one time in my grandmothers life, when the oedema had started to really bother her, she went to see a doctor, a specialist. The doctor has to explain to my grandmother that she has an illness, tell her a little about the illness, treatment, etc. All in “common language” of course. And here, at this time, in this discussion I think the link was created. After talking to the doctor, my grandmother had arrived to a simple conclusion. Water goes into the tissues and cells swell and my legs swell, that means that all tissues and all cells in the body swell and this makes me fatter. As grandma has always bee a bit more “serious” in size, it was a simple and elegant conclusion to her problems. Given the human need to understand and explain everything with logic, she understood the pathophysiology of oedema in 2 times and 3 movements (as a Romanian saying goes). And she passed her moments wisdom on to us.

I want to thank my grandma! For that got me thinking about an ideea,  about what it means to be healthy? What it means to want to be in shape, and to feel good? Everyone is healthy depending on what’s best for him/her, depending on who we choose to take health advice, counseling and health tips from. Perhaps my grandmother was more careful with het water consumption, but it is certain that she took care in taking het medication and obeying the doctor’s and personal pharmacist’s advices. This year my grandma celebrated her 80th birthday with us in an state of health to be envied!

Being healthy means to know how to differentiate between health advice based on scientific criteria given by professionals and advices that your neighbor / colleague / boyfriend / girlfriend can give you. Those advices can be good for their health, but that doesn’t mean it can apply to you! Just like your facebook account, Health must be personalized!


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