M-am decis! (I’ve made up my mind!)

M-am decis!

Sunt deja cateva luni de cand cochetez cu idea de a tine un blog. Bineinteles ca nestiind nimic despre asta si cum functioneaza un blog, am avut un blocaj major. Mai mult chiar, incepusem sa-mi caut cat mai multe motive contra, in asa fel incat, rational, sa ma dezlipesc de idee.

Apoi au avut loc cateva intamplari si intr-un final, am avut furnicaturi in degete atat de puternice incat nu am mai putut sa ma impiedic. 

Primul eveniment : alegerile prezidentiale din 2014

Locuiesc in afara tarii de ceva vreme, dar comunitatea online care s-a format in jurul dorintei de schimbare a fost atat de puternica incat m-am simtit inclusa si responsabilizata ca gesturile mele conteaza. Atunci am inceput sa scriu primele ganduri, pe Facebook, si am fost surprinsa sa constat ca sunt citite. Gandurile la cald, acum la rece, le gasiti aici.

Lumea virtuala nu mai este eterica, ci se extinde in realitatea cotidiana si face schimbari. Exista oameni solidari care lupta pentru altceva. 

Al doilea eveniment : vacanta de iarna in Romania

Pentru cine nu e un eveniment marcant o vacanta reusita? A fost bine tare si in acelasi timp dulce-acrisor sa constat ca … mai nimic nu se schimbase in anul ce trecuse.

In timp ce viziunea mea s-a schimbat mult, Romania era inghetata de frig si viscol si nu doar fizic, ci si … spiritual? Intelectual ?

Al treilea eveniment : atentatele teroriste din Franta

Sunt straina in Franta si am fost foarte bine integrata. Alaturi de francezi, francezi cu origini diferite, emigranti stabiliti aici, alti straini in tranzit, ca si mine. Voi mai vorbi despre asta in blog, pentru ca lumea cosmopolita pe care am descoperit-o aici mi-a deschis orizontul intr-un mod pe care nu il credeam posibil.

Va veti intreba probabil ce treaba am eu cu actele de terorism din Paris. Ei, bine, am aceeasi treaba ca si tine ! Pentru ca e treaba tuturor daca ne dorim o lume civilizata sa contribuim sa o construim si sa o mentinem.

Atentatele din Paris au fost atentate impotriva unor valori universale ale societatii civilizate : libertate, tolerenta, pace. Atitudinile fundamentaliste sunt doar varful icebergului.

Dar mai ales ceea ce m-a facut sa incep sa scriu, este ca nu am putut sa nu o fac. Este o calatorie personala, insa conectata cu a voastra. Simt ca asistam la prabusirea unor sisteme si la nasterea unei noi lumi. Ideea mea cea mai mare este ca generatia noastra va fi nevoita sa inventeze o noua realitate.

Intrebarea mea este : daca trebuie sa reinvetam lumea, ce trebuie sa invatam pentru ca aceasta schimbare sa fie mai buna pentru toti?

Poate ca acest blog va va ajuta sa invatati lucruri utile. Eu cu siguranta voi aveam multe de invatat.

Cred ca facem primii pasi spre o noua era in istoria umanitatii, trecem pragul unei noi constiinte. Ceea ce va urma, este darul nostru pentru omenire.

The moment I decided to blog

For some months now I started thinking about having a blog. Of course that the lack of experience and knowledge about how this works was a major block. Even more so, I started searching for reasons against blogging so that I could convince myself, rationally, to drop the idea.

And then some important events took place and finally, I had such an itch in my fingers that I couldn’t stop myself.

First event: presidential elections in Romania in 2014

I lived for a year abroad, but the Romanian online community that aggregated around the desire for change was so strong that I felt included and it pushed me to become a responsible change-maker. It was around this time that I started my first posts on Facebook. I was surprised that they were actually read. My thoughts, out of the oven at that point, can be found here.

The virtual world is not that ethereal, it extends to the everyday reality and it makes changes happen. I discovered solidarity for change.

The second event: winter holidays in Romania

For whom great holidays don’t count as important life events? It was really good to be home, yet bitter-sweet to see that during the year I was abroad, not much had happened.

My vision changed immensely, yet Romania seemed to be freezed by cold and blizzard physically and … spiritually? Intellectually?

Third event: terrorist attacks in France

I am a foreigner living in France and I integrated very well. I live along with French, French with different origins, immigrants, other foreigners just like me. I will talk more about this on the blog, the cosmopolite world I discovered here opened my horizon in ways I didn’t believe possible.

You are probably wondering why I care about the attacks in Paris. Well…I care  as much as you should too! Because it is everybody’s business to build and maintain the civilized world we want to live in.

The attacks in Paris were attacks against universal values of the modern, civilized society: freedom, tolerance, peace. Fundamentalism is just the tip of the iceberg.

The problem is complex, I won’t go in details now. Most probably, I don’t even have the right questions to begin with. In my opinion, maaanyyy things can be changed by the education of those involved in this mess. This mess includes all of us. Here are some remarkable opinions on the subject.

Most of all, I started writing this blog because I could not not do it. It is a personal journey interconnected with yours. I sense that we are witnesses to the fall of a system and the birth of a new world. My big idea is that our generation and those to come will be the inventors of a new reality.

My question is: if we have to reinvent the world, what do we need to learn to make this change good for all of us?

Maybe this blog will help you learn new and useful things. I will definitely have lots to learn from you.

I am sure that these events weren’t changing moments just for me, but for everybody. I believe that we are taking our first steps to a new era in history, we are passing the threshold of a new consciousness. What is to come will be our gift to humanity. This is the time for action!


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